Integral Wellness Coaching

Purpose: For living on your leading edge, now and tomorrow. Moving from basic healthful living to life fulfillment through balancing and Integrating the wisdom of your body, mind, heart, and soul.

How: The mechanism of forward movement and change is in your total consciousness, which includes several ways of knowing: your intellect, memory, unconscious, senses, and emotions. Most of the time, we access only the first two ways – intellect and memory. Integral Wellness Coaching accesses all the ways of knowing. You thereby discover new aspects of yourself and have the experience of something new, which is true learning. Integral Wellness Coaching relies on the body as the synthesizer of total consciousness.

Giving birth: What you access in this way is unique to you, as each of us is intrinsically unique, and unique to the moment in which the experience occurs. Thus, it is not strictly linear, like the cognitive intellect, but partakes of images, feelings, sensations, and sudden memories. It is your own creation, in the present moment. Your forward movement is a creative process, and results in a creative product.

All creativity comes from this synthesizing function of the total consciousness. It is not something we can be told by someone else. The well-known creators were not told how to create by others. They went into their total consciousness, and the NEW was born. Michaelangelo couldn’t be Einstein, Einstein couldn’t be Michaelangelo, and you can’t be either, and it doesn’t matter! What does matter is that you can be your own creation, and it is good, true, beautiful.

What happens in a Coaching session? Sessions can be done individually or in a small group. Each session is different, and any of the following could occur: Developing your vision of who you can be; defining goals and strategies; uncovering and changing beliefs which limit you; claiming your power; making decisions; developing action steps; discovering hidden potential; sustaining progress through regular check-ins; celebrating your successes.

*Part of this information is adapted from material presented by Ricki Morse, Ph.D. and Jay Earley, Ph.D.

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